Defusekids CSGO fails to secure the KAYZR league trophy.

It seems that KAYZR finals are our CSGO team’s kryptonite, after our CSGO squad fails to take 1st place in the KAYZR league for the second season in a row.

The Defusekids had a flying start to the finals, which were once again organized in the Kinepolis in Antwerp. The first two maps of the BO5 were secured in a convincing fashion. Most of the audience probably expected a quick 3-0 after the first 2 maps, but the young Gamefist squad showed resilience and ended up taking the match 3-2, securing the trophy.

Our player FASHR put up significant resistance however, achieving 108 kills and a HLTV rating of 1.31 troughout the series. This second loss in the KAYZR league comes as a big blow for the defusekids, who are aiming to be the absolute best in the Benelux.

Our CSGO team competing in the Kinepolis

Our CSGO caster ''Brick'' was also present for KAYZR

Photo credits: KAYZR League