Defusekids CSGO qualify for ESEA Advanced playoffs

The 30th season of ESEA Advanced is reaching its final stages, and Defusekids has managed to secure a spot in the playoffs, where they will compete against the 32 best teams in the league for spots in the ESEA Moutain Dew League relegations. This season of ESEA Advanced was one with ups and downs for our CSGO team, with a series of tough losses halfway through the season. However, the Defusekids staged an impressive comeback and managed to qualify for the playoffs, placing 15th.

Securing a spot in the ESEA Mountain Dew League relegations would be an important step towards competing in the international CSGO scene, but the competition is fierce. The first opponent will be Warthox Esports, with teams like Nemiga, Vexed and Tricked as potential adveraries further on in the bracket. The Defusekids have certainly shown that they can compete on a high level with other european teams, but this is their biggest challenge yet. All the playoffs matches will be broadcast live to Twitch, so keep a close eye on our social media to follow all the action of our CSGO team!

Full bracket for the playoffs
Defusekids Twitch Channel