Defusekids CSGO shines at MDM Finals

Another victory in the Benelux CSGO scene, as our CSGO squad takes home the trophy at the Mijndomein Masters finals, played at Game Day in Den Helder.

The Defusekids CSGO team qualified for the LAN finals after a dominant season of MijnDomein Masters, leaving the opposition far behind them. The second finalist was
JoinTheForce, a new lineup that had defeated the expected finalist mCon in the semis.

JoinTheForce could not surprise at the LAN finals however, and was bested with a 3-0 scoreline for the Defusekids. The first map was relatively close, but Defusekids had a dominant showing in the final 2 maps, taking them 16-5 and 16-3. The result was not entirely unexpected by the analysts present at the event, as JoinTheForce’s new line-up lacked playtime together. This win grants our CSGO team the title ‘’MijnDomein Champions’’ and also a cash prize of 5000€.