Defusekids CSGO competes in ESEA Climber Cup

Our CS:GO team get another shot at qualifying for the MDL league relegations in the Season 31 Climber Cup, hosted by ESEA. Defusekids qualified by winning the ESL Dutch championships earlier this year, and will be competing against other ESL Nationals champions for the valuable MDL league relegation spots.

Defusekids take home the ESL Dutch Championship trophy

The climber cup offers a relatively easier path to the aforementioned relegations than the regular ESEA Advanced playoffs, with less opponents and a more forgiving tournament system. Two best of three matches will be enough to reach relegations, and a lower bracket also gives participants a second chance if they slip up.

Once again however, the competition is though. Teams like PACT, LDLC and Fierce have been competing in the European scene for a while now, and will definitely not give way easily.

The entire climber cup will be streamed on our twitch channel, that you can find here.
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