Succes at ESL Dutch for Defusekids CSGO & LoL

A successful weekend for both our teams, as two ESL Dutch trophies were added to our collection. Our LoL and CSGO squad remained undefeated during the offline finals, which were played out in the ESL Benelux studios in Haarlem.

The first opponent in the road of our CSGO team was Aetas X Strijders, a young and relatively unknown team that had surprised by qualifying for the offline finals. The team consists of several young fraggers, with Dutch prodigy ‘’D0cC’’ as their star player. The team could not match the firepower brought by Defusekids however, and were eliminated after a 2-0 loss.
Defusekids CSGO met mCon Esports in the final, a team made up of Benelux veterans and young talents. The mCon players had already eliminated Asterion 2-0 in their semi-final, but could not finish the job against the Defusekids. The game ended in a quick 2-0, with 16-6 and 16-2 map scores and impressive ratings for the entire team. With this win, Defusekids takes home 3967€ and a spot in the ESEA Climber Cup.

A story on the League of Legends side of things is remarkably similar. Our LoL squad faced Team Animals in the semi-finals, but the players from Team Animals, but the Team Animals players struggled to compete with the firepower that Defusekids brought to the server. The match ended in a quick 2-0, with convincing kill and gold leads for the Defusekids side.
Our LoL team met Echo Zulu in the finals, a team that has been competing at the top of the Benelux LoL scene for a while. However, match ended in a similar fashion to the semi-finals. Echo Zulu was defeated in lightning speed 2-0, with the whole affair taking less the 50 minutes of actual playtime.