Supported games next season

The off-season has started which gave the staff and teams some time to go over last season and start preparations for the next.

During the last split Defusekids said goodbye to its Rainbow Six: Siege, Rocket League and FIFA19 division for different reasons. However not all bad we feel that this multi-game approach was not beneficial for the organization.

Therefore in the next season Defusekids will only support CS:GO and League of Legends. Our organization wants to bring these Benelux teams to the next level of professional esports and feels it can only do so by focussing on a limited amount of games.

Defusekids will still support its current streamers and will continue to search and add streamers that have an extra value to the organization.

Announcement regarding changes to the teams both esports and streamers can be expected in the upcoming weeks.

Image (c) of ESL Benelux.